C e l e b r a t i n g  T w e n t y   Y e a r s   o f   S e r v i c e



Tyra IsaacsThe Northern Mississippi Jurisdictional Orchestra has a firm belief that each musician realize their full potential, perfecting their craft, through sightreading, scales, improvisation and more. With their help I've gained not only the skills but the confidence needed to succeed as a musician. I've auditioned and joined 11 Honor and Jazz bands across the state. I am so, grateful to have such wonderful, supportive instructors from which to learn these fundamentals from.

NMJO has also instilled in me, and other musicians alike, that we are never the star of the show. Rather we are vessels, chosen by God to sing praises unto him, while ministering to his people. NMJO is no ordinary orchestra, nor are we members ordinary musicians. Instead we are a people who have chosen a higher calling. We have chosen to perform beyond the audience, with our music pleasing our Almighty God! Our purpose is not to put on a show, but to dedicate the soft voices of the strings, the powerful sound of the trumpet, and the smooth melody of the saxophone to the one who has all power in his hands.

We are more than an Orchestra, we are a family of worshippers, with common interests, varying talents, and a love of music, fueled by our love for God. I'm proud to call the NMJO my Family.

Tyra Isaacs

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